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Would you enter in business with us?

Web Portal Now needs sales experts, dynamic people or companies that will show the product to new customers: work with us.

The earning margins for the resellers are very high, write us to know more.

Here is a little list of the opportunities for resellers:

  • Simply to find customers and put them in contact with us: you will get a big percent of the cost of the license bought by the customer. You can also simply put an affiliate banner in your site to earn money without efforts.
  • Follow the customer in the various phases of the acquire and the creation of the site: in this case the acquire will be done by the reseller with big discounts, thwn he will sell the work to the customer at the desired price.
  • Make the graphic project and ask our work to build the theme, then build the site using the exclusive theme: apart from the discount on the license, the reseller could make money for the graphic work.
  • Offer to make complete communication projects, including the contents of the site: with little efforts and very low costs compared with analogue projects, it's possible to make big earnings, offering a complete service.
  • You can ask us to make functional customizations, for example to build new modules or to expose data from company database or so on, our production cost will be low for you, and you can earn for the mediation.
  • Offer translation services to companies of associations: the translation of a Web Portal Now is an easy and interesting work, that will be well pay by the customers.
  • Become a reseller and a focal point for Web Portal Now in a country outside Italy: manage the national portal, translating the software and start to sell Web Portal Now with an exclusive for a particolar country or geographic area. In a word: start an exciting commercial imprise with zero investments!

Thousand of other possibilities to make good business are there and we are always interested in new proposals: write to us and tell us your ideas.

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