Francesca Gaudenzi - Foto B.G. Faenza

Very dynamic web site developed with Web Portal Now

Francesca Gaudenzi - Foto B.G. Faenza

For a photographer with a shop and a photographic studio like Francesca Gaudenzi of Foto B.G. in Faenza, always with the camera in hand, dynamic and always on the go, it was necessary a very dynamic web site, capable to adapt to the many facets that photographic creativity could take over time.

Newly-added subjects in the studio or in every new location, once they were immortalized, they need to find a suitable online space.

Web Portal Now responded dynamically to these needs, helped by the web design by Caterweb, easily managing a rich home page, a never trivial "what we are" section, thanks to the Instagram shots, the services section that can grow and adapt, a gallery capable to adapt to ever-new photo sizes, to not limit creativity, space for shop services, a blog full of photographs, and the ability to easily manage the opening hours that change to fit the rhythm of the seasons of photography .

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